St. Jacques

Make your Jamaica water first and let it cool before mixing with the rest of the ingredients. For this recipe we advise to concentrate the flavor and try not to use too much sugar.

To make the habanero infusion, cut slices of a fresh habanero pepper and let them rest in a calihuey for half an hour.

Mix in a shaker all of the ingredients with ice, shake well and serve in a cocktail glass.


Crush a grapefruit slice with rosemary leaves and sugar in an old fashioned glass. Add ice. Squeeze the juice of a quarter grapefruit in a blender and add a pinch of red pepper. Blend and strain inside of the glass.
Add Kina water to fill and slowly stir with a spoon.

Matatlán Mojito

Crush a lime slice, ginger, sugar, Yerba Buena leaves and albacar in an old fashion glass. Add ice, lime juice, sirup, mineral water and slowly stir with a spoon.



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